Hirst Block Acropolis

First, I grabbed my tub of plaster -- no fancy brands needed here. The container I bought from Hobby Lobby was pretty big for $3. So, using the Hirst Mold #62 & their casting instructions, I started pouring my bricks.

After many, many fills later, I had enough blocks to form the base of my temple. This is one of those projects it would've been handy to have 2 of the same mold.

Some of the pillar pieces did not line up very well, so I filled the gaps with spackle & then sanded it down to help blend everything in.

Using a hot wire cutter, I formed a piece of rock that the temple was built on. To give it a little more texture, I rolled a crumpled ball of aluminium foil along the edges. Here is the before:
And after:

To get all the floor blocks flush, I glued them to each other face down

On to painting: to get a marbled look to the stone, I sponge painted everything. I loaded my sponge with a few different colors at once so they would blend a little bit better than doing one color at a time.

For a monument inside the temple, I took the Perseus figure from Reaper Minis, snipped off the base piece, then glued him to an extra foot piece from the pillar mold.

Finally, after painting I assembled the whole structure.

Around the edges I added a mix of coffee & tea grounds, then painted them to match the stone color.

A couple random patches of grass & turf, then it's done.

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