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Ogre Charnel Pit

I cut a crater shape out of insulation foam using a hot wire cutter & hot glued it to the base.

Using a butter knife, I placed the edge against the foam & dragged it downwards against the 'grain' of the foam to roughen the surface.

After a couple layers of paint it's starting to look a little like a pit. (The recently impaled dudes doesn't hurt either :-p)

But that's not nearly enough dead guys, so I got a lot of bits together & painted to fill the pit. I covered most of the bottom of the pit in PVA and then put the body parts into that. This gave me time to rearrange them into the proper places before the glued dried. Then I covered it in borwn pigment powder to help hide the glue & help the bodies look dirty & gross.

To add some more nastiness, I soaked some pink thread in a red & brown wash and layed them around to look like entrails. Also added some ballast as some filler.

For the outer crater base, I covered it in coffee & tea grounds added planting bark rocks like on the hut & watchtower.

For the final blood & guts to fill in the gaps I mixed together some red, black, brown & purple washes with some 3 dimensional adhesive called Diamond Glaze. It dries clear like PVA but doesn't shrink as much. Pretty sure I got it from a Hobby Lobby.

After that & some foliage on the ground the pit is done.

Ogre Watch tower

Another ogre piece... this one starting with thin branches recovered from the park, cut at angles, glued & then wrapped with string that was soaked in PVA. I attached the base of the platform the same way except those were craft sticks.

 I glued more craft sticks across those support beams. Then at the ends glued a pieces of a wood dowel I sharpened the end of -- this holds the wire mesh (I think it was rabbit fencing) in place. Then more chunks of wood & metal were glued to the mesh to act as the walls.

 The base was covered in a mix of coffee & tea grounds. For rocks I went to the Home Depot & picked up some of this planting bark.

 And used a sponge from a blister pack to give a more varied color.
 The ladder support pieces are bamboo skewers that I drilled pilot holes in with a pin vice and the rungs are toothpicks.

Some more bits & foliage and there you have it:

If you have any questions, please ask -- I know I'm sort of rushing through these.