Ogre Watch tower

Another ogre piece... this one starting with thin branches recovered from the park, cut at angles, glued & then wrapped with string that was soaked in PVA. I attached the base of the platform the same way except those were craft sticks.

 I glued more craft sticks across those support beams. Then at the ends glued a pieces of a wood dowel I sharpened the end of -- this holds the wire mesh (I think it was rabbit fencing) in place. Then more chunks of wood & metal were glued to the mesh to act as the walls.

 The base was covered in a mix of coffee & tea grounds. For rocks I went to the Home Depot & picked up some of this planting bark.

 And used a sponge from a blister pack to give a more varied color.
 The ladder support pieces are bamboo skewers that I drilled pilot holes in with a pin vice and the rungs are toothpicks.

Some more bits & foliage and there you have it:

If you have any questions, please ask -- I know I'm sort of rushing through these.

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