Ogre Hut (again)

An owner of one of my previous huts wants some companion pieces for it & his ogre army. So the next 3 posts actually all go together.

Starting with the hut - this is the same as all the others: half of a foam craft ball covered in 'hides'. I used a wire cutter to take a chunk out where the doorway would be. On previous huts my lashings were just painted on or not even seen at all. This time I planned on actually using thread & needle to attach the support posts. To do that, I needed to be able to access the underside of the hides, so I grabbed a piece of plastic wrap & put it over the ball so I'd be able to remove the shell after it dried.
For the 'hides', I took a paper grocery bag & crumpled chunks of it. Then dunked them into a water PVA & brown wash mixture before laying them onto the foam ball.

After it was dry, I could remove the paper shell to do my sewing.

I took some bamboo skewers, used wood stain to darken them, then snapped 2 joints in them (but not broken all the way through), finally I lightly super glued them into place so they would shift while I was doing the needle work. The needle & thread worked pretty well; it's helps that it doesn't have to be pretty for ogres.

After a mix of coffee & tea grounds for the base, cedar bark rocks, slashing some mud & blood and painting a few bits we have another hut.

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