Altar of Khaine

This is one had a lot of trial & error to it, but ended up alright in the end.
I wanted to have a Dark Elfy looking shrine & altar for killing people on top of a stone platform. Inspired by Ale's Dark Elf Tower over on TerraGenesis, I set to work on creating a sort of spine out of card. They are 8 of the same shape glued together at the core with hot glue. Then panels were cut out to connect them together.

As it turns out, this first shape looked dumb after all of the panels were put on... so did my second attempt. Third attempt worked out more like I was hoping for.

After I got that figured out, I cut the stone platform out of 1" insulation foam. The altar is also a scrap piece of foam with a bit of foam core under it & spikey corners cut from blister plastic.

  Moving on to painting...
 This is where I realized I needed something more. The Altar of Khaine is all about Dark Elves making blood sacrifices. Sure I can make the altar part all bloody, but would that be enough blood? The answer is: no way. I also felt that big pokey thing in the back needed something else to balance it's massive height, so some brainstorming & I landed on adding pillars to either side.
 So, I hacked into the platform a little bit and cut up some foam core for 2 obelisks. The decorative faces on them were just drawn in with a ballpoint pen. Now we have a nice inventory of blood & a better overall balance to the piece.

Pour in some blood & we're all set to go. For the blood pit, I did a thick layer of dark red colored resin, let that dry, then poured a thinner layer that barely had any red to it, & took a stick with a brighter red (and sometimes black) paint on it & swirled it into the wet resin. Then I put in various sizes of red plastic beads for blood bubbles & dragged some of the resin over them to help them blend into the surface.

Taaadaaa! That's my Altar of Khaine. Thanks for looking! :-)


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