Idol of Gork... or possibly Mork

While perusing Google Images for inspiration on this one, I came across this brilliant sketch from someone called Chemical Agent over on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum
and really liked the concept, so I went on with *cough*copying*cough* his work. :-P

It was a pretty straight forward build.
I glued a couple layers of insulation foam together for the main head & grabbed a couple of scrap pieces for the teeth.I sliced off some of the bigger chunks with a hot wire cutter, then chipped away at them using a kitchen knife.

After cutting out my hardboard base, I glued down the foam pieces & spackled around them, pushed in some large bits of gravel for rocks, and sprinkled on some sand.

Here's what he looked like after a base coat or two.

Then I painted the rocks, and added some green wash dripping in spots & glued some fine turf on to look mossy. I'm also mid-way through applying PVA for the ground cover for some reason.

First layer of ground cover was a mix of mostly tea: a black tea & a peppermint tea (the lighter flakes), with a little bit of coffee grounds. If nothing else, my terrain has a lovely smell. :-P

This is what it looks like when the base is covered in it.   

Then I added patches of flock, grass tufts, some random bits like skulls, a vulture, a bagged gnoblar, and a sign. Then we're done.

(This explains why there's a black background all of a sudden. Wrath Kitty is a photo-bombing pro. :-P)

She is also hard to impress. :-\

Actually, as it turns out - the husband told me when I was planning this project that I couldn't build an Idol of Gork. I inquired as to why; he responded "Because I want one." So I built two of them. Hubby gets Mork, client gets Gork.

Overall, a pretty fun project. Not a fan of the layers of foam being so noticeable, but it'll do.

And here's kitty with a 25mm fig to show her scale ;-) Thanks for looking, everyone!


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