Sinister Statue

I went to the craft store looking for a quick pedestal for it & grabbed a wooden candle stick like this:

and cut the bottom off. I picked up a Reaper mini to be the statue. (It's #3084 if you're wondering.) I was a little put off about the ratio between the pedestal & my mini, but I guess it'll be fine.

I took some Sculpey & tightly packed it around my wooden piece. Baked it, plus a clay plug to keep the final plaster piece hollow to fit a red LED tea light, then cut a dividing line into the mold to remove the wood.

I taped my mold back together along that seam to prevent excessive leaking. Conveniently, my mold fit nicely into my plastic  cups. The knob for the center was taped to a bamboo stick which rested on more cups to keep it in place. Mixed & poured the plaster. Then waited for dry time.

Not the most perfect cast I've ever seen, but that's ok. It's going to get broken anyways.

And break it did.
Getting it glued back together while still leaving gaps was awfully tricky. I'm still not confident in it's strength at this point.

But oh, to see it glow!

Started working on some platform stones. I drew them out onto foam core.
Cut them out individually, painted them & attached them to a CD with gaps for more light to shine through. For my ground, I covered it in course pummice gel medium & sprinkled on some stones.

Also got my lady together with some extra skulls around her feet. I did end up doing extra glueing on the pedestal which was a good idea, because this has been dropped a good 4 inches onto a table & survived.
Did a marble-ish paint job on everything based on this lovely article we have here. I definitely think I need more practice, but it's not so bad (not that you can tell from this photo). 

And here's everything together so far.
Did my first ever attempt at OSL painting on her eyes. The result raises an enthusiastic "Meh." Wasn't expecting much, but I'm not sure it gives off the effect I'm looking for or if she just looks sunburnt.... 
 I ended up toning that down some by taking a dark grey wash on the outer edges of the glow. Also added some grass tufts between the stones & around on the ground. And that's about it for this one.




  1. This is extremely cool.

  2. did you paint the tea light red or did you glue a red plastic thingy, I think that's the technical term, inside to give off that red glow?